Friday, July 11, 2014

Time Management Skills for People Like Me

Time Management Skills for People Like Me
by Lisa Krueger
Are you perpetually late for appointments, meetings, etc.? I admit, I can be. It seems like I always feel I can take one more phone call or complete one more email before flying out the door and speeding off to my next function. I am also the world’s biggest procrastinator and have been known to put projects off until hours before a deadline. Take it from me - this is not a good way to do business. has some great tips for people like me and maybe some of you.
  1. Create a daily plan – do it the night before so there are no surprises in the morning. Then stick to the plan. There are plenty of smart phone app’s to help out with scheduling and calendars.
  2. Give yourself a time limit for each task. Be clear that you must finish project X by 10 a.m., project y by 3 p.m., etc.
  3. This is a big one for busy people – learn to say no! Don’t take on more than you can handle; giving 50% to a project is never impressive. I have more respect for colleagues who tell me no to begin with, then those who only get part of a job done right.
  4. Target earliness. Strive to be early to appointments so you have time to catch your breath before a big meeting or interview. Relax.
  5. Have a clock in your line of sight. Or a big watch on your arm. Use the alarm features. Here’s mine. 
  6. Focus – multi-tasking is great if it’s done right. But sometimes you can multi-task so much that nothing gets accomplished.
  7. Shut the front door. Or the back door. Or your office door. Turn your phone ringer to mute. Don’t log on to the internet. Distractions can be the death of a great project.
  8. Track the time you spend – you’ll be amazed at time wasted.
  9. Don’t fuss about small details. If you’ve read “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” you’ll understand this one. Most of it really is small stuff.
  10. Set priorities. Do the things only you can do, and DELEGATE the rest. Once you’ve mastered the art of delegation you’ll feel liberated.
  11. Leave buffer time. When you’ve got a full day of appointments, don’t try and squeeze in one more. Take some time to reflect in-between.
Now that I’ve finished this article and only 20 hours behind schedule, I’m taking my own advice – it’s time for a cup of coffee and quite reflection on today’s events.