Friday, October 14, 2011

Ribbon Cutting - Krystal's Steak & Seafood Restaurant

Krystal’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant
460 El Camino Way
(928) 453-2999

Krystal’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant celebrated 25 years as Chamber members with the Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors at a ribbon cutting ceremony. Krystal’s family thanks its loyal customers for those years. They also thank the Chamber of Commerce for its dedication and assistance in being a part of their success. On hand for the ribbon cutting from left to right are; Linda Riesdorph, Nikki Mathews, Kathy Rice, Dennis Lindgren, Janet Rundell, Nancy Schiffner, Carla Garretson, Debi Silvey, Tony Whitacre, Shay Waibel and Dan Kowalsky. Located at 460 El Camino Way, they can be reached at (928) 453-2999.