Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chamber Takes Positions on Transfer Taxes and Homebuilders Liability

With concerns regarding future transfer taxes, fees and assessments on the sale, purchase or transfer of real property; and encouraging litigation over mediation dealing with the construction of new properties, the Chamber’s Board of Directors has declared official positions on Propositions 100 and 201.
The Board voted to support Proposition 100, which if passed will amend the Arizona Constitution, will prohibit the state, any county, city, town or other political subdivision of the state from directly or indirectly imposing any new tax, fee or other assessment on the sale, purchase, transfer or other conveyance of any interest in real property, such as homes and other real estate. The measure would not affect any current taxes, fees, etc., already in existence.
The Chamber joins a host of other business advocacy organizations in this action, including the Arizona Farm Bureau, former Governor Rose Mofford, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and several legislators well-known for supporting pro-business issues.
The Board opposes Proposition 201, known as the “Homeowners Bill of Rights”, would call for 14 changes in current law dealing with a homeowner’s right to sue over a dwelling action, including decreasing the time a homebuilder or seller has to respond to a purchaser’s list of alleged defects; and would allow for the purchase of a dwelling to include a 10-year warranty.
Proposition 201 is also opposed by the Colorado River Building Industry Association, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Arizonans Against Lawsuit Abuse, the Arizona Contractors Association and many other pro-business advocacy groups.
There are a total of 8 ballot initiatives this year. For information on the additional initiatives, please go to, and click on the “2008 Ballot Initiatives” link.
Locally, the Chamber is also supporting both the Mohave Community College Bond issue and the Joint Technological Education District initiative.